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Taiwan Association Inc of the Philippines (in short: TAP) as a platform among Taiwanese businessmen in the Philippines, which is to serve Taiwanese, mutual assistance among the members of the association, to encourage exchange of investment information, to protect the rights and interests of Taiwanese, meanwhile to enhance trade and economic status of Taiwan businessmen, and to support government policies, and contribute to the Philippine communities.

The establishment of TAP:

This will be the predecessor of the trip Philippine China Association by the manufacturers and interested parties of Taiwan investment in the Philippines on October 25, 1980 co-founded, this will be the creation of so far to reach 27 years. Trip Philippine Taiwanese business associates and services to expand the participation of the regions around the Taiwan businessmen, will be at 1992 (1999) 2008 changed the name of the Federation of the Philippines, Taiwan businessmen, and assisted in the establishment of the Canada-US-Taiwan Business Council, Subic Bay, Taiwan Business Council, Taiwan Business Council of South Line and North District folks fraternity, was established. The above-Taiwan Business Council President and has served as president of the vice president of this Council. This will be executive director of Wen-Huang Liu served as the Mindanao-Taiwan Business Council president in 2006. Huang Ching-jung, consulting members of this Council, will serve as vice president of Bulacan Philippine Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines in 2006.

Former Presidents of TAP:

The Founding President of the 1980~1985: Mr. Cai Shunli (former Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission)

The Second President of the 75 to 78 the Hongqi Chuan, Mr. (former Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, the current Overseas Advisory Committee)

The Third President of the 79 to 80 Mr. Liao Fangzhou (former Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission)

The Fourth President of 81 to 82 the hunga water, Mr. (former Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission)

The Fifth President of the 83 to 84 Mr. Liao Fangzhou (a former delegate to the National President of the Third Asia)

The Sixth President of 1996~1997 Mr. Huang Shengxiang

The Seventh President of 1998~1999: Mr. Shih Qiuhuang (former Overseas Advisory Committee)

The Eighth President of 2000~2001 Mr. Huang Sheng-hsiung (former Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission)

The Ninth-term President of 2002~2003 Mr. Tyson Hsieh (former Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, the 11th Asian President)

The Tenth-term President of 2004~2005 Mr. John Lu (former Overseas Chinese Affairs Adviser)

The Eleventh President of 2006~2007 Mr. Semo Huang (now Overseas consultants)

The Eleventh Chief Supervisor of 2006~2007 Mr. David Shih (now Overseas consultant, served as the 14th session of the Asia Director of things)

The Twelfth President of 2008~2009 Mr. Alex Ding (now Overseas Chinese Affairs Adviser)

The Twelfth Chief Supervisor of 2008~2009 Mr. Liang Yi-Yuan (Full for Democracy and Peace Alliance Asian League Secretary-General)

The Thirteenth President of 2010~2011, Mr. Wayne Chi  (now Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission)

The Thirteenth Chief Supervisor of 2010~2011, Mr. Selina Chang

The Fourteenth President of 2012 ~ 2013, Mr. David Shih

The Fourteenth Chief Supervisor of 2012~2013, Mr. Lee Ming-shen

Association Affairs Development:

31 years ago, this would be served is Deputy President, Members and supervisors, as well as all the members under the joint efforts of business, strengthen the links among members and services, more in line with the Philippine Overseas Chinese community is committed to the relief work of the Philippines, and actively expand with the Philippines contact surface transverse to the important Chinese Societies, major Philippine Chinese overseas compatriot to promote Qiaoshe services, Federation of the Philippines, Taiwan businessmen have important overseas compatriot crowd for the region of the Philippines, and Philippine Chinese major overseas compatriot, Taiwanese businessmen Friends will be closely related to good, public interest groups; include: Philippine Chinese Business Federation of Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, each clan in the Philippines, Federation of Philippine Chinese by Association (FCCEA), the Philippines, various Chinese Schools Association, the Philippines, Guangdong overseas compatriot Federation of Philippine Chinese Women's Club and other seven overseas compatriot, the same as one of the members of the Committee of the joint celebration of Philippine Chinese from all walks of life in the Philippines, and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), the Philippines Mindanao trip Feijia America platform Association of the Philippines and Taiwan Association, Association of Clark Taiwan, Philippines and Taiwan the Hakka Association (THAIPI,), Cebu, Philippines, Taiwan Association (SBTCC), Subic Bay Taiwanese Association (SBTCC), brigade southern Philippines line-Taiwan Business Council the (TCSPI), Tzu Chi Foundation of the Philippines, the Dharma Drum Mountain Foundation, Fo Guang Shan Foundation.

Existing individual members of this Council thousand of member organizations of more than 400 businesses, the Permanent Council, the existing director of a total of 120. Council a total of: diplomacy, propaganda, finance, women's issues, membership development, sports, youth, crisis mediation, welfare, recreation, general services, business opportunities, culture, education, organization of 15 committees. Another positive assist is Deputy Secretary-General, Deputy president of the promotion of the conference, a separate Board of Supervisors Meetings, audit financial expenditure, conference to promote the smooth. This will be a board and executive director will meet regularly and are organized each year in business investment forum, to help deal with vendors and people stay, labor disputes, and regularly held in the New Year Celebration, Taiwanese golf, Taiwanese bowling Member outing friendship, the Mid-Autumn Festival and other activities. This Council every year since 1993, organized by the Taiwan Merchandise Show, the letter invited Member companies as well as domestic manufacturers hand the Philippines to participate in the exhibition proved effective, the deep of the great importance of the Philippine-Chinese Business people from all walks of life. 2008 "15th Merchandise Show is hereby given 6 to 9 November at the Philippine World Trade Center.

The Association is a founding Member States of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Federation, and actively participate in the World, Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Federation of the activities, Mr. Liao Fangzhou, Mr. Xie Shiying former Federation president of the World Taiwanese Chambers, Shi star Mr. former Federation of the World Taiwanese Chambers of the 14th session of the Board of Supervisors. The current president, Mr. Qi Wei served as the sixteenth Asian president.

Will actively co-ordinate and mobilize members to participate in government in the Philippines, the Republic of China representative office organized various activities to promote, for example, Chinese New Year founding Memorial tea, domestic disaster relief donations, the National Day special issue, the National Party, the founding of the centennial celebrations, economic and trade activities, or my government Philippine trade officials or legislators to attend the reception of the activities of the Philippines team group competitions in the Philippines, will be sent to the reception and refueling. Another each year to attend the economic and trade seminars organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission and to return to participate in the Double Ten National Day celebrations. Support the Government of the policy is not in spare capacity.

The beginning of 2005, Taiwanese enterprises devoted to contributing to society, to proceed with various activities, such as: the disaster relief activities, a free clinic, wheelchair donations, rice donation to visit the orphanage homes for the aged in 2009 in various activities, integrated into an LOVE FROM TAIWAN public brand, by the Philippine government and the community praise and affirmation.

Looking ahead, Taiwan Association Inc will strenghten corporation with other Taiwanese organizations and consolidate Taiwanese businessmen to contribute to the Philippine communities, and to create the welfare and level up the social status for Taiwanese in the Philippines. We are looking forward to all Taiwanese businessmen to participate in the activities of TAP, and wish all Taiwanese and Filipino brothers and sisters to make more friends to one another, maintain good health, with a happy family, and a successful business !


41~42th TAP President
Lee, Shin-Fen
Period: 2022 - 2023

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